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Chevrolet Matiz 0.8 S road test report

0.8 S

The Chevrolet Matiz is looking to compete against other “budget” cars such as the Kia Picanto and Fiat Panda. In some aspects it leads its rivals but falls short in too many areas.

Road Test Reports Says3 star rating
A front-facing image of the Chevrolet Matiz

Image number 2 of the Chevrolet MatizImage number 3 of the Chevrolet Matiz

Performance Performance - 3 stars

The Matiz comes with a selection of either the 0.8 or 1 litre engine. Both engines will be fine for town and city driving but may not be too happy with longer distances. However, we put the Matiz through a 400 mile round trip including a trip over a Welsh mountain range and it coped admirably well. The acceleration is slow, 0-60 will take around 20 seconds and this can lead to a bit of tension when entering motorway slip-roads but as has already been mentioned, this car is best for the town and the city, not the motorway.

Ride & Handling Ride & Handling - 3 stars

This is a car designed to get you from A to B with little or no frills. It is essentially a city car and suitable for nipping in and out of heavy traffic. It is easy to park and the power steering is light and responsive. There is a slight “skittery” feel when navigating roundabouts and the biting point of the clutch was uncomfortably high in the model we drove.

Build Quality & Reliability Build Quality & Reliability - 3 stars

The Matiz is solidly constructed but the interior leaves you in no doubt that you are in a car that is inexpensive. The plastics have a certain budget look and feel but that is to be expected in a car in the Matiz’s price band. The reliability is a definite plus point as the engines are now tried and tested and scores well in surveys. The comprehensive warranty and 3 year servicing package with roadside assistance adds much needed appeal.

Safety & Security Safety & Security - 3 stars

Although much improved upon the earlier Daewoo model the Matiz does not provide a great sense of safety and security. The Isofix seat mountings do give the overall safety a much needed boost and the 3 star EuroNCAP crash safety test rating shows that Chevrolet has made a concerted effort in this area. Side airbags are available on the higher specifications. There is also an engine immobiliser to prevent theft (the Matiz is not known for being high on the list of car thief’s though…)

Space & Practicality Space & Practicality - 3 stars

There is plenty of head and legroom but the narrow design of the Matiz gives the cabin a cramped feel that brings the driver and front passenger very close together. The back of the car does seat three but it is advisable that this is limited to two adults. Boot can fit a folded down pram and when the rear seats are folded down there is enough space to carry quite a decent load – the Matiz performed well with a larger than average B&Q shop.

Ownership & Value Ownership & Value - 3 stars

The Chevrolet Matiz is an inexpensive car to both buy and run. You should aim to pay around less than £6,000 for the entry level model. Unfortunately residual values are not fantastic with the car losing approximately two-thirds of its original price in three years.

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