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Volvo V40 consumer reviews by year of make: 1997  1999  2008 

Volvo V40 consumer car reviews

Dave, North Yorkshire


5 star review

We bought our 2015 Cross Country D4 with 190ps and 400Nm of torque in February 2016. We decided on the Cross Country because of the raised ride height. The car rides very well and dismisses most potholes in our roads easily. I find the D4 Diesel responds immediately from low speed without any turbo lag. In fact the car has a tremendous turn of speed and accelerates with real enthusiasm from 1250 revs in any gear. This engine is a twin turbo and the difference from my previous single scroll turbo in my previous BMW 320d is very noticeable., We regularly tow a 1200Kg caravan and carry two bikes on the rear cycle carrier at the same time and to date the performance has always been excellent. The clutch is very smooth in its operation and the gear change is very quick and positive. The ratios are also very sensible because you are not constantly having to change gear. Driven solo at legal limits the mpg easily enters into the seventies. However due to the performance I have averaged 54.3mpg over the winter months. I would recommend anyone interested in a car of this type to take a thorough test drive. The Volvo V40 D4 is a really brilliant car to drive.

Submitted: 2017-04-09 | ID: 140513

Malcolm Spaven, Midlothian


2 star review

Sporty looking car - although that's not why I bought it. Strange, then, that it is so lacking in torque at critical speed/gear combinations that you constantly have to change down to get any acceleration. The most annoying one is when coasting slowly up to a 'give way' junction in second, to find that you then have to change into first to get the car to move with any speed. You have to learn to drive it in a completely different way to any other manual car I've driven. The ride is extremely hard. OK for smooth roads but very tiring and uncomfortable on 21st century British roads with their growing number of potholes and myriad temporary patches. And those ridiculous low profile tyres - every pothole you hit, you think the tyre will blow and the wheel will crack. And that's happened twice already in two years. Very expensive. Fuel economy is very good but only if you drive it very conservatively, i.e. the opposite to the way the car is marketed. But last night I discovered this car's worst failing. It is an absolute death-trap in the snow. I'm amazed that car manufacturers are allowed to sell a vehicle that is so dangerous. Light covering of snow on the road, temperature above zero, driving carefully in second, and was getting front wheel skids on every bend. Came off the road twice and narrowly escaped a crash. We will not now be using this car at all if there's any ice or snow around. This is a trend in Volvos, which we've owned for years, starting with a 240 Estate. They used to be dependable in the snow, as you'd expect from a Swedish design. But when we swapped our 750 for a V70, the difference was terrifying. Again, constant front wheel skidding, and you couldn't stop because you knew you'd never get going again. We replaced that with an XC70 which is significantly better. But the V40 is truly a good-weather-only car.

Submitted: 2016-01-09 | ID: 125796

Maurice, Lancashire


3 star review

I have only had the car for a week but there are already several issues I have encountered. First, and the most disappointing, there is nowhere to rest the right foot when using the Cruise Control. This makes using the Cruise Control very uncomfortable. When the clutch is depressed the toecap of my shoe hits an obstacle. The handbrake position is on the far side of the gear stick and to operate it you have to trap your hand between the handbrake and the passenger seat. This is awkward if the driver is wearing a protruding ring. The Trip Computer has not been well thought out; who wants to know the instantaneous speed of the car; and why would this rapidly changing measurement be included twice in the possible settings? On a safety note, the car key can be removed at any time even when the engine is running! The key may be removed and the driver can exit the car and close the door with the engine still running! One further annoyance is that I expected the hyped Theatre Lights to provide an excellent ambiance, however, I had to search for the source of these lights and finally discovered that the source comprised a single ineffective LED. The Sat Nav, for which I paid an extra £1200 is extremely poor when compared to my much cheaper NAVMAN and TOMTOM sat navs. There is no choice of colours and no choice of Guidance Voice and "typing" in addresses etc. is performed with an antiquated "Daisy Wheel". On the positive side, the car looks amazing, is extremely comfortable and handles very well.

Submitted: 2014-10-12 | ID: 104490

Raymond Batten, Lancashire

Volvo V40 1997

4 star review

I own an R reg V 40 2 litre manual, which I paid £750 for it off eBay with 100,000 miles. It had a new cam belt fitted when I got it, so all it has cost me up to now is £90 for a new front offside brake disc and calliper and £30 for a new bonnet release cable at my local independent garage. The ride is a bit on the hard side, but I regularly get between 45 and 50 mpg mixed running and I do not hang about! This is the fifth Volvo I have had; I’ve previously had two 245 estate cars and two 3-Series and like the rest this has proved reasonably reliable (up to now). I have had other makes over the years; BMW, Ford and Rover all with varying reliability, but Volvo has been the best in my experience.

Submitted: 2013-04-06 | ID: 51525

Pushpinder Sidhu, County Antrim

Volvo V40 2008

1 star review

Alternator failure at 41000 miles. The fuel economy is not as good as advertised by Volvo. The comfort is very good, but the car has already had three recalls! Also, the Volvo dealer in Belfast charges exorbitant prices.

Submitted: 2012-07-08 | ID: 51524

Alex, Swansea

Volvo V40 1999

5 star review

I bought my V70 diesel new at the end of 1999, and it’s still going strong - and strong is the word. Now done 151k miles, no appreciable engine wear, original clutch, gearbox etc. I have had to replace the usual parts as they wore out - shocks, brakes discs and calipers etc - and I have had it serviced by the book by a specialist, but it has been very good value for money so far. I paid £23k for a fully loaded car with all the toys in Holland, and imported it to UK, getting what would have been a £32k UK priced car for £9k less. I expect to get another 10 years or so out of it, which means I will have spent roughly £1k per year to fly around in a lovely car with a high spec. I doubt very much whether you would find another care which would offer the same at this price. If anyone else out there thinks like I do - buy them new/nearly new, them run them into the ground - Volvo is a very good way to go. I have driven a lot of hire cars for work over the years, all new or nearly new, and it is always a relief to get out of them and back into my 11 year old V70 as it feels so sharp and responsive by comparison. Excellent car.

Submitted: 2010-10-02 | ID: 51523

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