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2011 V50 reviews

21 September 2017


2011 Volvo V50 reviews

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Andy Douglass, Derbyshire

Volvo V50 SE Lux Stop Start 2011

1 star review

First a challenge: To all with more than 1 star for this car, please quote your mpg! I got this car in April 2011 for its economy; at 25,000 miles/year it should be a big saving. How wrong!!! My previous BMW 320D Tourer 170 bhp was fun to drive but only 51 mpg average over the 60k miles I had it, (similar with Passat before that). So the V50 115bhp with 8k on the clock is averaging 52mpg and to get this I am driving like there is an egg shell between my foot and the pedal, with the air-con off most of the time. The car is currently with Volvo (5 days and counting) to solve: 1) Poor fuel consumption 2) Severe "clunk" in the gearbox when changing gear 3) "Reduced engine performance" alarm; this has happened on two occasions so far. In addition it’s already had the dual mass flywheel changed to try and sort out the gearbox clunk. Also, the steering wheel radio and cruise control switches get hot. I totally agree with other posts concerning Volvo claims, which are bordering on lies for the claimed mpg, which were the only reason I went for this car. My advice to anyone is if you are a Volvo nut then OK, but go in with open eyes (and a clunking gearbox), otherwise the BMW or Passat offer more honest claims on achieveable mpg figures and are more fun to drive.

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I have had my 61 plate SE LUX for nearly three months now and have covered 5k miles already. As I had a Ford Mondeo 2.0 estate previously I was looking forward to increased fuel economy, Mondeo averaged 42- 46 mpg over 83k miles loaded/unloaded. Chose the Volvo for tax and fuel reasons. Now I know the mpg figures claimed are for comparison only between manufacturers as the laboratory set up bears no relation to actual driving but I am averaging 48 mpg driving very carefully. Over time maybe an increase, but nowhere near the claimed. The whole ’green’ claims by manufacturers to entice people to buy is lies. 74 mpg for combined claim Volvo. Also worrying is I also have the ’Clunk’ from the gear change. If you have not looked into how the offical figures are obtained, it’s worth a read. Looks like a visit to Volvo? - Keith Pilborough from Buckinghamshire

I am having the same problem with mine. It’s a 61 reg and I am not getting the fuel consumption I thought I would. I have only managed to get 600 miles out of the tank before the fuel light come on, yet the car said I should get 800 miles. I am averaging 59-60 MPG on it. I too have had that issue with the reduced engine performance, it has only happened once so far but I often get clunking noises too. So far, the car has done 6.5k miles. When it goes in for a service, I will make sure I get these issues checked! Have you managed to get the issues fixed and get better fuel consumption now? - Michelle Cox from Essex

It will be no surprise to learn I have had a similar experience with my company car: Volvo V50 1.6 Drive. It has covered 18,000 miles now and the story so far makes interesting reading. First thing to fail was the turbo at 8 weeks old! The car was running fine and delivering 65-68mpg prior to this, then the passenger door would not unlock from the inside. The dealer told me no fault found! Guess I will have to provide video evidence! At 9,000, the fuel economy was at best 57mpg but mostly 51mpg. The tick over became rough like a diesel from the 1980s, engine became weak when setting off and a misfire developed. This eventually developed further into noticeable diesel knock and fuel economy never bettered 48mpg even though my use is roads and motorways at 50-70 mph. The dealer reloaded the software for the ECU and did an adaptation run. Tick over now quite good and flat spot gone, much better to drive but alas the MPG is still only 54 and steadily gets worse. Taken back to Volvo and given a T3 2.0 diesel for the day it does 52mpg (3000 miles from new) and the engine is quite simply first class. Sadly I was given my car back and told nothing wrong with it! My own private car is a much larger 4.0 v8 diesel and returns 35-39 mpg in similar use but is only claimed to do 25-29 mpg. Volvo claim this car should give combined MPG over 70 MPG NOT A CHANCE NOT EVER UNLESS YOU FIND A VERY LONG HILL! My message is just do not bother it’s not worth the free road tax! - Andy Davison from Yorkshire

I agree with all that has been said re the mpg. On my 61 plate drive e, I would also add that they are the mosy uncomfortable seats I have had the displeasure to sit in, oh how I wish I had forgot the BIK and gone for the BMW 1 series - Colin Haffenden from Sussex

Submitted: 2011-08-11 | ID: 51579

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