2011 C1 reviews

17 April 2014


2011 Citroen C1 reviews

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Ellis, Yorkshire

Citroen C1 VTR+ 2011

4 star review

Hi, I have recently bought a very funky white C1 VTR+ with 16k on the clock in absolutely mint condition, supported with a full service history. I am very concerned to read road reports across the net reporting clutch failure mainly on 2005-2009 models. I do know that Citroen fitted a larger clutch fly wheel after 2009 (170 mm up to 180 mm), which should have cured the reported issues. I have covered 2k with a daily commute of 60 miles returning 58 mpg on a mixture of motorway, dual carriage way, A and B roads and I am very happy with the car so far. I have noticed the clutch biting point is very late on the up stroke, but so far no problems with the car as a whole. I visited the local dealership and reported my concerns, their response was "well you don’t know how the car has been driven before, the clutch can last as little as 1000 miles if driven badly enough", which is absolute rubbish. So if the clutch does go early I will have similar problems as many owners have reported re getting Citroen to pay for a replacement clutch. So fingers crossed I have bought a C1 that will be reliable and will last the five years I hope to own it before I sell it on. Finally, I have read the owners reports on Auto Trader UK and there are no such reports of serious problems at all, hence the reason I bought one. My C1ndy will pull through I’m sure :+

Submitted: 2014-03-07 | ID: 37504

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Dave Cain, England

Citroen C1 VTR+ 3dr 2011

3 star review

I purchased the car as new in February 2011. It ran fine and was serviced by the dealer in January 2012 at 6,800 miles. Myself and others noticed that the wheel studs were rusting, so I contacted the dealer. They asked me to bring it so that photographs could be taken and sent to Citroen. This was done and a week or so later I received a call from the dealer advising that Citroen would not replace them as it was not deemed as a ’manufacturing defect’, I argued that not only did it spoil the look of the alloy wheels, but that many people who had seen the car, weren’t happy that such obvious a defect wasn’t being admitted to by the manufacturer. The car is cleaned regularly using Autogym products and nowhere else did any corrosion appear . I also argued that none of my other cars had sufferd this problem, including a ten-year old Mazda with alloys and chrome wheel-nuts. I then received a call from Citroen advising that they WOULD replace them. All was fine until just before Christmas when I took the car to be part-ex valued against a new Mazda. Their salesman said that he thought my exhaust was blowing, so I took it to my Citroen dealer for checking. They said that there was nothing wrong with the system and whilst there I asked them to check the clutch ’freeplay’. I requested this because I had heard of others with problems, including a colleague at work. The technician advised that the pedal was little ’high’, but that it could be adjusted at the next service. Now then a couple of weeks ago and whilst driving, after doing about twenty miles of mixed M-way, A and B roads, a funny smell was apparent. At a set of lights and whilst taking off the clutch slipped, making the car move off very slowly and then again a few hundred yards further down the road at another set of lights. I rang the dealer and was met with " well we have people who have a clutch fitted every year". By the way the car had done 11,800 miles. I asked the dealer what could be done and whether it should now be adjusted and they denied all knowledge of such a procedure, staing that I would have to bring it in and have the clutch removed. If it was wear and tear then it would cost me, if a defect then a claim to Citroen could be made. I rang Citroen and their Customer Rep. repeated more or less what the dealer had said. I made reference to the Internet and all the comments on all the forums on all of these cars, only to be told that the ’Web’ was dangerous. I said that this was rubbish because the ’Web’ had managed to save me a fortune on my Utility bills and suchlike and that it was now giving me an insight into other people’s C1 problems. Eventually he agreed to make a ’goodwill’ gesture of ninety per-cent of the repair if down to a defect. previously advising that there was no warranty on clutches, something of a contradiction to other’s experiences. I have declined and am adamant that the car should be investigated and repaired accordingly, at no cost to me. Similarly, as with others, I own and have owned other vehicles that have covered well in excess of the now 12k of the C1, with clutches needing replacing at in excess of 100k miles. As we stand now I have booked the car in for its second service with albeit a different Citroen dealership and am awaiting a futher call from them. In the meantime I am serving a letter on the supplying dealer requesting a repair under the terms of the Sale of Goods Act 1979. To summarise, I bought the car to do my bit for the planet as well as to reduce my motoring costs and being Toyota based, thought the C1 VTR+ a nifty little option. As I always say. "It isn’t the problem, but how it is solved".

Submitted: 2013-02-26 | ID: 37497

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Tim Bell, Wiltshire

Citroen C1 VTR+ Carlinite Grey 2011

5 star review

I have had the car from new since March ’11 and use it for a 60 mile daily commute using both A and B roads, including motorway and dual carriageway. My VTR+ came with alloys, air conditioning and electric windows. Also split folding rear seat, stylish cloth trim in pale wine red and blue, and no leather pack. Finally I paid for the 3 year service pack. Comfort: I can understand with the little nippy engine why it would be classed as a city car; it is light to steer, short but still fairly wide so you feel like you are in a pocket rocket. However, the suspension is fairly stiff with equally stiff seats so smooth road surfaces are a godsend where you can find them. Motorway driving is excellent. The stereo is clear, bright and loud enough to cover any road noise and the are lots of odd storage areas for that odd snack on the way. In the back (I have a three door version) there is enough room for 2 adults at a squeeze, it’s ideal for the kids though and there’s enough room for 8 bags of shopping in the boot, double stacked. Economy: With a 34 litre tank it currently takes approx. £47 when filled to the brim (£1.38 per litre) and you see a nice return of approx. 450 miles. To me, that’s excelllent and I fill up three times a month more or less. If driving at usual motorway speeds you will still get over 350mpg and this little car can keep up with bigger sluggers if on level ground. Styling: The new front nose gives it good presence in the rear mirror of the car in front. In the sun the metalic grey glistens blue, green and gold and with the optional, but recommended C1 mud flaps front and especially rear fitted, the back end stands out from the samey Pug 107. Conclusion: I will be replacing this car after three years and by then it will have 40000 miles on the clock. For the first 8 months and 9000 miles I have so far completed, I have fallen head over heels with it. Yes it struggles up hills, but I can live with not being in a race with someone else to get to the top first. The fuel economy is brilliant, it’s extremely cheap to keep on the road with £20 road tax per year and it zooms everywhere. Well worth the money.

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350mpg! I doubt it. - Lucy Beaghen from Cornwall

350mpg! I doubt it. - Lucy Beaghen from Cornwall

Submitted: 2011-11-30 | ID: 37485

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