2010 Hiace reviews

31 July 2014


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2010 Toyota Hiace reviews

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Tim Tickner, Middlesex

Toyota Hiace 2006 - 2012

4 star review

Tim Tickner, from Edgware, Middlesex Had a hi ace compact van before, did over 150000 miles never any problems except spare wheel jamming up! Decided to buy d4d swb 2010 model last year, have done 53000 miles, in use everyday, had toyota service vehicle no problems only wiper blades & discs replaced, tough robust vehicle, I know it will never let me down, it's old fashioned compared to newer vans on market, noisy engine, but toyota's go on forever,! Unfortunately toyota have stopped making hi ace for uk market. When I come to replace I will look for something else, pro ace is not built by toyota just rebadged van from Renault & Citroen dispatch, reviews are not good. Wish toyota had produced new hi ace put 6 gears & upgraded engine new euro emissions would be far more popular than pro ace they our now offering, had mechanic at work tell me he use to work for toyota & had great respect for hi ace could not speak highly enough of them! A good reliable workhorse.

Submitted: 2014-07-19 | ID: 99997

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Neil Powell, Cheshire

Toyota Hiace 2010

4 star review

Had van now for over 3 years, had one major problem with corrosion on offside rear panel. With 3 small holes appeared where outer skin joins to inner framework. The whole side was replaced under warranty by Toyota. It was very inconvenient as they had to order the panel from Japan and it took ages to arrive. This said I was assured this was extremely unusual, must have just been unlucky and bought one with water ingress. Had van regularly serviced and the only other issue was the fuel filter, van started losing power and missing a beat especially over 50 mph. Hope not to have any more issues as I still like the van. Unfortunately they have stopped making the Hiace so have nothing to replace it. Wish you could get the Japanese version in this country, looks much more stylish and would sell well. Come on Toyota get your act together.

Submitted: 2014-01-24 | ID: 48156

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Gazza Tarson, Australia

Toyota Hiace Commuter Diesel 2010

4 star review

The Hiace Commuter is a top van, and everything is good. Note I have given it four stars, the fifth star will be reserved for when, (and I admit I am very picky but I am in the professional passenger transport business and own and drive daily a 2011 Toyota Commuter) 1. The interior noise from the road is lowered. And 2. The suspension is made more comfortable for the passenger. Currently the ride is jarry and bumpy. It should be smooth, noiseless and comfortable for passenger transport; I can’t help but feel that there was little thought to this aspect and the suspension is the same as the commercial van. I transport wheelchair passengers and they need a smoother ride. I am not an expert but the suspension design needs some work for passenger transport.

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I can agree with the suspension issues. The passengers complain a lot about the bumps. This is really annoying - Graeme Wallis from Australia

Submitted: 2011-07-22 | ID: 48127

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Colin Liggat, Ayrshire

Toyota Hiace 300 LWB 120BHP 2010

4 star review

Bought van July 2010, extras inc alloys, front fogs, rear parking, metallic, wind deflectors. Pushed price up quite a bit, (looks much better though) no probs with van, but niggles, needs another gear, very poor in snow, noisy on the motorway, old fashioned switchgear etc. But to be fair build quality is excellent, and I just know this van will last a long time. I traded in my transit (56 plate) 65000miles, a much nicer drive than Hiace, but nothing but trouble, back at ford 8 times, letting in water, egr valve, riddled with rust, remote locking, etc. The Hiace has its faults, but its still way better built than any of the competition.

Submitted: 2011-02-27 | ID: 48095

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Neil Powell, Cheshire

Toyota Hiace swb 2010

4 star review

Bought new Hiace swb in September, really pleased with it. Use mine mainly as a car so had to pay the dreaded vat. Still good value though and if you shop around you can get for £10,995 plus vat. Great build quality and hopefully will prove reliable. Was going to buy new transporter but prices ridiculous and poor reveiws so opted for Hiace. Tows my caravan well, fuel consumption not fantastic but reasonable for a van. used mine in all the snow recently and with it being rear wheel drive didn’t like going up hill too much. If you’re looking for a good reliable work horse with electric windows, mirrors, abs and aircon for the price definitely buy a Hiace.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-02-27 | ID: 48092

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John Pirrie, Scotland

Toyota Hiace 2010

5 star review

Done 17000 miles in mine good van keep tyres up to 55 at least for good mpg also run snow tyres in winter they work well had a 50 mph head on smash, van was a right off but I walked away with a sore leg. Great van, buying another one, had vw transporters for 15 years what I have missed out on! Well better late than never. PS Would like 6 gears, even better mpg if they did one, the 120 bhp is the best I think. Well hope this helps you decide when you buy a van, cheap to maintain as well compaired to VW I had.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2011-02-01 | ID: 48102

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