2010 308 reviews

18 April 2014


2010 Peugeot 308 reviews

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Keith Newall, Yorkshire

Peugeot 308 sport hdi 110 2010

3 star review

Purchased 308 sport hdi 110 october 2010, the car was registered 1 march 2010 with 11000 miles. At the moment I have no gripes with the car execept tyre noise , which on certain surfaces can be annoying especially when cold, but I intend to use a different brand when the original contis have worn out. The car itself is easy and pleasant to drive and being the hdi diesel gives good fuel consumsion. I do not think the car is worth the new showroom price though; I purchased this at 7 months old from local main dealer for around £8-9k cheaper than new, that’s a lot of money to drop in 7 months and still 2years 5 month warranty to go. Overall a good car for money, not in Audi/VW golf league, but not same price.

Submitted: 2011-02-21 | ID: 45234

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