2010 C5 reviews

19 September 2017


2010 Citroen C5 reviews

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Patrick o Sullivan , Ireland

Citroen C5 2008 - 2017

2 star review

At 90 mlies . No problem with engine or gearbox, have fitted two new shocks , steering rack ,and every bushing and ball bearing on the front of the car , window winder passenger side lovely car to drive and very comfortable but cost too much to keep on the road , had the older type c5 much better car, would not buy another citroen

Submitted: 2016-10-06 | ID: 135744

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Drobota Cosmin, Romania

Citroen C5 2008 - 2017

4 star review

Hi all, I've got suck with a Citroen C5 3 - 2008 - 130.000 KM - 1.6 Diesel - that it's causing a lot of headaches What happens: When turning the key I hear only a " click clack " sound on the left hand side of the steering well l and it doesn't turn. All the light indicators from dashboard/air con / lights /radio - windows/door locks - work fine . After several hours or the next day it will turn without any problem, till it re-occurs When it Re-occurs : While driving - the engine stops and it doesn't turn at all While having the engine on but not driving ( tried it and it stopped) It happens randomly - not a certain number of kilometers/time/usage What I have tried : New battery - Did not work -does exactly the same I have tried to push it in 2nd gear and start it - doesn't work. Checked all fuses next to the battery and ECU under the hood - all of them are ok ( no burnt signs) Tried to link the minus from the battery to the engine ( thought that it might be a minus broke )- didn't help Tried to connect with a computer diagnosis system - when I'm unable to power the engine(when all of the above happen) I'm unable to connect to the ECU .- it sees the ECU but I'm unable to do any diagnosis on it . When the car starts - I'm able to connect without any problems If any ideas please let me know. Thank you .

Submitted: 2014-10-13 | ID: 104544

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Cees ter Horst, Netherlands

Citroen C5 saloon 1.6THP automatic 2010

5 star review

Hello fellow drivers! I bought the car in early August 2010 with full options as a very competitive offer. So far the car has done 30.000 KM will full satisfaction. As experienced by other users there has been an elecronic issue a couple of times; the warning sign for engine failure went on, and it felt like the turbo was not working as the car would not accelerate. after some miles the car drives normally but the warning is repeated. After resetting the computer at the dealer the problem goes for a while. After two of these warnings the car will now be inspected by the dealer under warranty to solve the problem. Except for this electronic issue the car runs smoothly and without any problems at all. I enjoy every minute of driving it.

Submitted: 2011-11-21 | ID: 37924

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Simon Winch, Hampshire

Citroen C5 2.0 diesel turbo 160 satnav 2010

5 star review

Wow! Having driven golf VR6 and Honda Civic typre R along with riding my Suzuki Gixer 750, I am very impressed with my new C5. Now married with a 2 year old daughter it was time to grow up. Do not like BMW or Audi and wanted to be different and the C5 was a perfect solution. Never considered French cars but totally gobsmacked on how good the C5 is. My recommendation is just take one for a test drive!!!!!!

Submitted: 2010-08-30 | ID: 37917

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Tim Colley, Australia

Citroen C5 Sedan 2010

4 star review

After a week on tramelled goat tracks calling themselves roads in country Australia, I’m delighted with the suspension, appalled by the faint air-conditioning and ambivalent about the button-fest which requires intensive study of the driver’s manual prior to altering any setting ... It’s not a popular or cheap car downunda, but this diesel Citroen C5 HDi Comfort model offers extraordinary cruising ability, combined with seating support and luxury going beyond the capacities of 95% of cars at similar prices here. Yes, depreciation is greater than for Mercedes and Audi at this dollar level, but my trade-in on a 3.5 litre, 6-cylinder Toyota was generous and I expect to enjoy the next three years on the road without really wincing at the wallet level. The styling is a visual pleasure, the accomodation for passengers and luggage is more than merely adequate and the outstanding ability to lope along enormous stretches of highway, economically and quietly, are precisely the reasons why I made this purchase.

Submitted: 2010-07-09 | ID: 37918

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Aaron Coward, Cheshire

Citroen C5 VTR + Nav 2010

5 star review

My job requires that I have an estate car and have just finished with a Vauxhall Vectra that I drove for nearly three years. In searching for my new car, I test drove a 110 bhp Passat (OK but wouldn’t pull the skin off a rice pudding), an Insignia, (couldn’t get new enough for my budget and no way was I going for the 1.8 petrol version as I think everyone ever made is for sale on the used car market. Check for yourself), Avensis (nice but not a particularly quiet or smooth ride). Wouldn’t touch Ford with a bargepole and Volvo boots are too small for my needs. I hadn’t even thought about the Citroen until I saw the C5 in Autotrader with 10 miles on it at my local dealer. Went up and asked for a test drive. No problem. As soon as I sat in it ( I’m 6’ 5"). It felt comfortable, secure and had a lovely driving position with good lower back support. No leg room behind me mind you but that applies in every car I’ve ever driven. On taking the car out I was amazed at how quiet it was. The laminated windows really do make a difference. The steering is effortless although the fixed central console forces good driving habits. No underhand pulling the wheel round. The ride is smooth and the suspension soaks up everything it comes across. This is the standard suspension not the hyropneumatic on the Exclusive model. Gear change was a little bit "specific" but after a month and 2000 miles I’m fine with it. The steering wheel controls are a little bewdering at first but you do get used to them and the Sat Nav that comes as standard (covers all of Europe) is better than my Tom tom was. I’m getting around 47mpg which considering the tools and equipment I carry in the boot is amazing. The Vectra gave me around 32mpg. This is quite simply an inspired car competing with Bmw’s and Audi’s. So quiet, smooth and comfortable I have enjoyed every mile in it and find myself offering to drive on nights out. Try it....

Submitted: 2010-06-20 | ID: 37898

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Peter Dunbar, Northamptonshire

Citroen C5 2.0 160hp diesel 2010

5 star review

Bought this car April 2010, (opted out of company car scheme - Vauxhall only), 3 Vauxhall dealers couldnt provide an Insigna test drive between them!!! Well what can I say, I was driving a Vectra 2006 1.9 diesel 120hp which was very poor and during the time I had this and Astra nearly every experience I had with Vauxhall was diabolical. Citroen dealer has been extremely courteous and introduced me to service & parts dept and my annual 20K service has already been booked in on receipt of the new vehicle. The garage also gave me test drives of 110hp C5 & C5 Exclusive 160hp before I made my decision. The other car I was considering was a Passat, glad I didnt as the C5 still feels exclusive on the road and I have already covered 2000 peaceful & relaxed miles (so far trip computer is saying 49.5mpg & I am no 50 - 60mph cruiser :-) Controls inside the cockpit are very confusing at 1st and take a little while to get accustomed to. If you are thinking about BMW or Audi, ask yourself this, do you really need to pay the extra £5K to have a badge then be un-accommodated at junctions etc., by other road users?<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-09 | ID: 37893

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Tony Hawthorn, Scotland

Citroen C5 2.7 HDI Exclusive Saloon 2010

5 star review

Having recently taken delivery my first impressions are very good. I went for a one year old ex-demonstrator model. It has full leather and all the toys except for SATNAV (which I wasn’t too bothered about as I only use it once or twice a year, so my TomTom will suffice). To echo the earlier comment, the 18 inch alloys do generate a large amount of road "roar". Unfortunately the fashion is for prettier alloys these days with low profile tyres. I recall replacing some 14inch steel wheels on a Volvo for 17 inch alloys in my youth. It transformed the handling but the road noise was a big downside. Its a shame because the 2.7 is very quiet even under harsh acceleration, and given that the C5 is not a sports car, I am sure a 16inch wheel with a bigger tyre would offer a good compromise of looks, handling and noise. I have noted similar comments on the C6 forum too, with a few owners fitting 16inch with good results. However, I am not planning on replacing the wheels as that would cause an issue with the tyre pressure monitoring system. Anyway, a great improvement on the 2003 model and the whole product feels very good quality.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-04-14 | ID: 37887

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