2010 C1 reviews

20 April 2014


2010 Citroen C1 reviews

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Pal Moodley, South Africa

Citroen C1 Seduction 2010

3 star review

I purchased my car in Sept 2010. It now has 51000 on the clock. When I bought it I was having problems changing gears even though it was brand new. I reported it but to no avail. Now 2013 I have had to do a clutch overhaul! Still the gears aren’t very smooth. Very disappointed.

Submitted: 2013-12-16 | ID: 37502

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Ian Bayne, South Africa

Citroen C1 1.0i Furio 2010

2 star review

My daughter purchased this car second hand with 25.000 kms on the clock. After just 2 months is failed to start, and she had to have it towed to a local Citreon Main Dealer, who diagnosed the problem as a faulty ignition and the starter moter is U S Neither the warrant or Citreon themselves accept that this failure is unacceptable, in fact the quality of the starter motor is not fit for purpose, having broken down withe car being less than a year old. There is also the point of price structures, A starter moter for this model in the U K costs £230-00, however in South Africa the same conponent costs £630-00, does third world mean you can triple the prices? How can a company like Citreon charge one tenth of the vehicles cost price for a starter motor?

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My auntie bought a Citreon C1 Vibe in 2008 when it was 18 months old. After six days, the clutch went but it was replaced free by the dealer. Four months later, it went again but was replaced free. It happened a third time two months afterwards and she was charged £699 to replace. A garage reckons she was riding the clutch, she’s 74 and had several cars with no problems. Last month after only two years, the clutch had to be replaced again costing £265 at a local garage, not a dealer this time. This car, not even four years old, has done only 9800 miles and has had four new clutches. She sold it last week - Sue Hou from Lancashire

Its plain that she never gets her foot off the cluch pedal. That’s the reason for a lot of clutch failures, all makes. The worst habit is people riding the clutch at traffic lights etc. Clutches are made for hard work, NOT ABUSE! - John Shurie from England

Submitted: 2010-12-15 | ID: 37453

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Karen Kavak, Yorkshire

Citroen C1 2010

4 star review

Bought my Citroen C1 April this year; although delighted with my car, I have now encountered when braking hard my wheels lock and I skid to a halt. Fortunately I haven’t run into anyone or anything, but that is more luck than judgement. My car has now been at the garage under test conditions the problem has happened for the engineers who are now in talks with Citroen to try and resolve. Is there anyone else who has encounted this problem and what was the outcome? Please let me know, thanks.<br />

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Try cleaning the sensors on the brake - John Shurie from Warwickshire

Hi, my Citroen C1 was bought brand new in 2010. I have had this problem when braking hard: my wheels lock and I end up skidding. Thankfully I’m the same and somehow haven’t gone into the back of anyone. What was the outcome with your car? I’ve mentioned it several times to Citroen when it’s gone in for service etc and nothing - Elen Milton from Bridgend

Hi. Well I bought my Citroen c1, March 2011 brand new and loved it. I had problems with the seats rubbing/pulled, they have been replaced once, but didn’t get a response the second time it did the same - and no it wasn’t due to what I was wearing. Now August 15th 2013, I put the breaks on as I was driving onto the drive and the breaks didn’t work, I pumped the breaks but nothing happened. By the time I’d come to stop it with the handbrake I’d run out of drive and run into the house wall. I rang the Citroen dealer straight away and they said they are going to ring back tomorrow. All I can think is, thank God It didn’t happen when I was on the road. Has anyone had this problem? - Diane Binns from Yorkshire

Submitted: 2010-09-12 | ID: 37461

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Karen Kavak, Yorkshire

Citroen C1 TVTR+ 2010

5 star review

Used the citreon C1 as a courtesy car and was very impressed so with my findings I have decided to purchase the C1 TVTR+ which is much quieter and more luxurious than the basic C1. After reading other review I hope I am happier than the 2 other people who have written their reveiws.

Submitted: 2010-04-19 | ID: 37414

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