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2009 Sportage reviews

21 September 2017


2009 Kia Sportage reviews

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Mike Powell, Powys

Kia Sportage 2009

3 star review

I bought a Sportage diesel second hand with 13000 mileage in October 2011. In February 2012 it was in under warranty for over two weeks for a "major" (so the garage said) repair to the Air Cond. system. In late November, it failed to start and had to be towed in for another 2 weeks in the garage for repair to the fuel filter and electronic fuel system. It is now in again as the engine management light is flashing, indicating a fault in the particle fuel management (whatever that is). This may not be covered by the warranty. Current mileage is only 26000. I’m disappointed in the car, it’s rather heavy on fuel and the tyre wear on the rear seems excessive. I bought the car due to the warranty, but didn’t expect to use is so often in 12 months! Comfortable to drive, however, I have mixed feelings about this model.

Submitted: 2012-12-16 | ID: 42161

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Bruce Morton, Suffolk

Kia Sportage Titan 2009

4 star review

This is an ex-demo that has now done 76000 miles and returns 40mpg. A good all rounder. The brakes have never been great, but they are sufficient. The heater runs cold after 5 miles or so, so I have to keep increasing temp control. Overall it’s very reliable and I would recommend it.

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Update, April 2013: After 98,000 miles on the clock. Never let me down. Decided to change to 2013 3 1.7 Sportage. Really pleased so far, 5,000 miles clocked and getting 52.2mpg. Lovely vehicle, I will update - Bruce Morton from Suffolk

Submitted: 2012-06-13 | ID: 42154

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Karen Corlett, Lincolnshire

Kia Sportage 2.0l CRDI XE 2009

2 star review

Owned from new. April 09, bought for towing a caravan. July 10 I had the radio replaced as it kept cutting out. Jan 11 bushes replaced on rear supension. At 14000 miles both rear tyres were worn on the inside; the dealer blamed this on towing, but I managed to get them to do the 4x4 tracking on a 2wd car at cost to me, which fixed the problem. Feb 11 the rear bushes had to be replaced again. April 12 the clutch began slipping at 25000 miles and cost £700 to replace. The warranty only covers so much, but at 25000 miles the clutch should not need replacing, Now my worry is in another 25000 miles will it need doing again? The car is a good to drive and economical, it tows very well, but as far as being reliable? No!

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The car began to make a noise like air escaping, the garage took the car in it was there for another 3 weeks. They replaced the alternator belt - no change, they removed and checked the turbo, no change, then they needed approval from Kia to replace turbo, no change, they then checked the intercooler, 3 pipes were loose. Noise almost gone, didn’t care, was selling car. The day we were supposed to be looking at another car, the Kia broke down, we had to get it towed to the dealer, it looked as if the high pressure pump had gone. The problem was the key, they were not (talking to the car), the ariel was replaced round the ignition - problem solved. We have sold the car. Got rid of the Friday night/Monday morning Kia Sportage - from Lincolnshire

Submitted: 2012-04-21 | ID: 42152

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Brian Campbell, Cumberland

Kia Sportage 2009

3 star review

Good value 4x4 except rear tyres wear from outside to in at only 15,000 miles and have become illegal at this mileage.

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I have the same problem with tyres wearing down. I’ve had it since new. Told dealer and got a lot of change front to back. "It’s not the car", that was the first thing that came out his mouth so what about the 7 year warranty? Anybody got the same problem? Please reply - Robert Jamieson from West Lothian (Linlithgowshire)

Submitted: 2011-03-11 | ID: 42145

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