2009 Captiva reviews

23 April 2014


2009 Chevrolet Captiva reviews

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Robert Lockhart, Argyllshire

Chevrolet Captiva LT 7 SEATER 2009

5 star review

I bought the car after looking at the Freelander, couldn’t get the price down. I managed to get our 7 seater for 13,000 new and we all still love it, my wife, 2 kids and our chocolate lab have loads of room. It handles well, I’ve had it off road to go salmon fishing and it was no problem. I’ve had 40 mpg out the car on long runs and we’ve had it on holiday. For the price it really is some buy. We had 2 new Vauxhall Zafirias before this one, this has more torque, better seats at the back and I can use the car for light off road work. Kids love it, real value for money. Engine noise little high in town but fine on the motorway.

Submitted: 2010-04-04 | ID: 37126

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