2008 Xsara Picasso reviews

25 July 2014


2008 Citroen Xsara Picasso reviews

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Tony Bowles, Norfolk

Citroen Xsara Picasso 16 HDI VTX 2008

4 star review

Bought this car 3 years ago with 6500 on the clock it has averaged 61.4 miles to the gallon and never missed a beat with good acceleration when overtaking. I was advised to buy the 16 HDI 92 BHP diesel as the 110 BHP has a particulate filter; people should bare in mind that cars fitted with a particulate filter should not be used for short journeys as they have to reach full working temperature for them to work, which is usually about 4 to 5 miles. The reason for the good economy is probably because we never do short journeys so Citroen’s average of 55 mph is probably about right. Downsides are the service costs are a bit more expensive than with a petrol. I have had a few niggles with the service from my particular garage, but they have bent over backwards to put this right. I do have some advice to anyone driving any model turbo diesel and that is to make sure the garage use a top quality fully synthetic oil and genuine filter as several people that I know have had turbo problems, which I suspect are attributed to low quality oil from cheap servicing. Change gear early in first and second as in the lower gears starts to sound harsh. Anybody wanting to remove the rear seats needs to be pretty strong as they are very heavy. These cars have been produced for a long time, which gives the manufacturer plenty of time to sort out any bugs. I am consdering a C4 but they are a much more complicated car with much more to go wrong and servicing is more expensive.

Submitted: 2012-10-07 | ID: 38454

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Mick Well Happy, Yorkshire

Citroen Xsara Picasso VTX electric pack as extra 2008

5 star review

This is the third Picasso I have owned. I previously had a 2002sx 2.0hdi, which I thought was brilliant, spacious, very comfy with good return on fuel. I was so impressed I bought a 56 1.6hdi exclusive, with all sorts of extras including air conditioned glovebox for your sarnies and coke. I sold this to replace it with a brand new 2008 VTX 1.6hdi which I paid an extra £700 for the auto wipers and lights and the digital climate control as I had got used to these on the exclusive. I know this car’s capabilities and that’s why I got a new one. I have done 68,000 miles and still have the original rear tyres, have replaced the front discs and pads, I did this myself, which only cost £48 for the lot! I do approx 23,000 miles a year travelling to work, a lot of this I do plodding along at 60 - 63 mph, and I return on the trip computer ALWAYS 65 to 67 mpg. I have had 799 miles before I bottled it and filled up and I still haven’t managed to break that 800 mile per tank barrier. Usually I always get 730-750 mile to the tank full and I fill up everytime, costing £80 at moment. I filled up the other week in Bolton and did 84 miles to home along the motorway, I set the trip and it said 73mpg when I got home. I have had the car serviced twice a year because of the mileage I do. I never put oil in and apart from the brakes and one light bulb I have not replaced or had any work done. I was thinking the other day about changing it for a newer one if I could find one VTX or Desire, but think I will keep this as long as I can and see what mileage I can get to! I highly recommend it. A friend has just bought a 2004 exclusive 1.6hdi 110 bhp, mine is only the 92bhp, but powerful enough for me, and I do blow it out everynow and then and it sits fine at 80 - 90 if you do want to get your foot down. I do agree that the older ones seem to be better built, with less rattles n squeaks, as everyone else says take out the seat (easy) and you can chuck ’ought in; I have had double beds, settees, wardrobes, fridges, rubbish, even a kitchen sink and the bath ’n toilet all at the same time!! For the money and versatility this ticks all the boxes and it’s ded easy to get in and out with the doors opening real wide for access. Fantastic, do you think I like it??!!!

Submitted: 2011-12-12 | ID: 38468

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Ben Bruce, Perthshire

Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 diesel Desire 2008

1 star review

This is my second diesel 1.6 Picasso and is nothing like my 2005 one of the supposedly same spec. My 2005 diesel returned between 51 & 55mpg depending on length of journey, and to a lesser extent on speed. This 2008 Picasso, unfortunately bought from Arnold Clark, returnes about 47mpg at best and during this cold spell is down to 43mpg. I spent a year researching the reason for this diabolical fuel economy with NO HELP FROM ARNOLD CLARK OR CITROEN. Eventually, I found out that some of the newer Picasso’s were manufactured with an exhaust particle filter called FAP. This system has a tank which requires being filled up with a special chemical from time to time costing around £250. It also requires regeneration at 100,000 miles, or less if on short journeys, which costs around £500. Non of these changes to the engine were ever explained to me at time of purchase and I assumed that I was just buying a newer car same as the first. No one would buy a second car same as the first if the first was unsatisfactory!!!!!!! It appears that I was well & truly done and apparently there is nothing I can do about it. BE WARNED - any car, be it Ford, Volvo, Peugeot or Mini and Citroen, which are fitted with the 1.6d v6 engine may well include this expensive FAP fitment.

Submitted: 2010-01-19 | ID: 38428

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Paul Edwards, London

Citroen Xsara Picasso Grand Picasso HDi 2008

5 star review

Contrary to a lot of reviews I love this car, mine has been on the whole trouble free although an early mystery rain water leak caused the local main dealer to keep it for a week. Apart from that its spacious, economical, reliable and is good to drive. Added to the value for money, I’d certainly buy another and hope it would be as good as this!

Submitted: 2010-01-13 | ID: 38429

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Chris Raynes, Somerset

Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6Hdi 2008

4 star review

As basic good value family transport, that can cope with kids, dogs and a whole family luggage this vehicle is still very hard to beat for the price. The 1.6Hdi is surprisingly quick for overtaking once it is away from a standing start. Ours easily achieves 55 to the gallon and gets driven very briskly when on long journeys. 34K and only one minor fault (heater fan switch) repaired under warranty. Services (non franchised) cheap. All tyres original. It does what it says on the tin. A great cruiser when loaded. Quiet and spacious. We paid just over �11k for ours new - on the net. Both my daughters have the 2.0Hdi version. Both delighted, both trouble free.

Responses to this review

Hello, I’ve just read your report on the 1.6 diesel XPIC. Can you tell me please if your car is fitted with FAP or not. If fitted with FAP, how do you manage to get 55mpg? My email address is blondchaser64@gmail.com and I am very interested to receive your comments. Thank you - Rob Thomson from Fife and Kinross Shires

PLEASE tell how you get 55mpg from your 1.6 diesel XPIC. How do you measure your mpg and how many miles between top ups?? Thank you - Ben Bruce from Perthshire

Just seen questions. My car has done 47K now, another heater resistance gone -£60 quid fitted, also had to buy one tyre-rears still original and still in good nick. The onboard computer has done over 10,000 miles since last reset and is showing 54.9mpg. This car has a particulate filter but note it is not used much for short journeys, we have a non DPF Diesel Berlingo for those. If others are having consumption problems I guess they are using this engine for short journeys. It needs long hot runs to keep the exhaust clean and it also needs to be driven hard occasionally, up hills in lower gear. Run as i have run it, fuel consumption for such a big vehicle is astonishing, quite often the computer shows us whispering along at nearly 100 mpg. Range is upto 700 miles.. With a bit of effort on non motorway journeys 60 mpg is achievable. Had one other minor glitch in very cold weather (-10) a fuel sytem warning light came on, that was reset for nothing by my non franchised mechanic. He said something about preventing overfueling to protect the cat - Chris Raynes from Somerset

In response to those questions about the consumption, my 1.6HDi (110bhp version) is not fitted with the type of cat that needs fluid. I was under it yesterday for an oil change, it has a standard catalytic converter set right up under the manifold where it can get very hot, obviously the reason it works so well - Chris Raynes from Somerset

Submitted: 2008-12-10 | ID: 38479

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