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2006 Croma reviews

21 September 2017


2006 Fiat Croma reviews

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Richard Clist, Somerset

Fiat Croma Eleganza 2006

4 star review

Bought second hand 1 year ago. Superb value when compared to similar 2nd hand vehicles (Modeo Volvo were £2.5-£3k dearer) Confortable, quick and fairly good on fuel. I have had a couple of problems but both fixed by dealer (under warranty). Excellent service from these. The car is unusual, its fairly rare and its very spacious. Model 1.9TD Eleganza. Will keep this car.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-11-08 | ID: 38665

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David West, Fife and Kinross Shires

Fiat Croma 1.9D 2006

4 star review

Have been driving the Croma for 4 years (bought new in 2006) and have only seen a handful on the road. It has the ’rarity’ tag. As with all cars it has its advantages and disadvantages. The ride is comfortable both in town and long distance. Consumption is between 40-55mpg (diesel1.9D). The 55 mpg is easily achieved on motorway at steady 65-70mph in 6th gear. Parts are expensive so better to source them yourself rather than asking the dealer (for example the back tailight costs c. £70 but on e-bay price is as low as £25). Front tyres wear out yearly (15,000-18,000 miles) and I have had to replace the front wiper motor. The main selling point of this car is its comfortable ride, good consumption and above all else there are very few out there.<br /><br />

Submitted: 2010-05-29 | ID: 38657

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Brian Cohen, Lancashire

Fiat Croma 1.9 Auto prestige 150 2006

4 star review

I bought this Croma (new shape) my 5th so I’m used to them, second hand with 25’000 miles on the clock, it now has 110’000 miles . A great car easy on juice 45/50 mpg on long trips I’ve had very little trouble: new front springs (Lancashire Potholes ), new tires 30’000, rear 25’000 front, NOT BAD. My other cars lasted a lot less. Extremely comfortable, fast, easy driving (thank God for cruise), which is excellent. I would highly recommend this model to any executive salesman or rep, who wants to travel distances in relaxed comfort. I bought it for half the retail so overall I reckon this was Top value for a Top Car.

Submitted: 2010-05-16 | ID: 38656

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Bob Kilsby, Warwickshire

Fiat Croma Dynamic 120 JTD 2006

4 star review

So far so good. I have owned the Croma for 6 months now, I picked it due to it’s size / value for money / rarity. I have had a couple of problems, the boot door switch has stopped working and the RH indicator occassionally will not stay on plus there is a rattle from the front offside suspension - I haven’t investigated this yet. Overall I love the car, I get an average of 47 MPG with mixed motorway / urban driving, very comfortable and relaxed 6th gear cruising on the motorway, which is great for long journeys, the dealers ARE useless (nothing new there?), but what a pity this car is not still sold in the UK. I think people here do not realise that Fiat’s are great cars.

Submitted: 2009-08-03 | ID: 38655

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Martin Clare, Cheshire

Fiat Croma 1.9 tdi Dynamic 120 2006

5 star review

Have enjoyed 3 years trouble free running with this car. Tyres lasted 20K miles - driven without extra care. Averages 36mpg . No complaints; given good purchase deal and extremely comfortable relaxing progress. Unique style always impresses and stands out from the loads of common shapes on the road- sad to see poor UK support. My family are Spanish and in Spain this car is much better accepted with good reviews and dealer care.

Submitted: 2009-02-24 | ID: 38684

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Steve Hayes, Cheshire

Fiat Croma 150 Prestigio 2006

4 star review

Great car to drive, spacious and a lovely drive. 150 multijet diesel is an excellent engine, plenty of torque. Loads of head & leg room. OK for baby and pushchair, decent sound system. Cruise control is great. Sun blinds on rear windows is handy when baby is in car. On the bad side - It seems to go through tyres by 10,000 miles, right front inner tyre wear seems strange. Had brake servo replaced & boot catch, around 10k. Sky dome is very slow to close, sometimes stops half open. Handbrake could be better positioned.

Submitted: 2008-10-20 | ID: 38683

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Jonathan Parkes, Staffordshire

Fiat Croma Dynamic 120 2006

1 star review

Where to start. If it worked it would be a great car. Unfortunately it doesn’t. I have had in under a year: EGR 3 ECU 6. The car completely rewired, 2 new boot releases, 1 new filler cap. A bizarre fault that meant that either the sensor on the electric windows or the engine management didn’t work. The stereo reception is so good I can pick up radio stations practically on the moon. Unfortunately this means that any iPod FM thing is useless due to interference. The Fiat mechanics are useless, as are the dealers, to be fair this is because this is a mix of Fiat/Saab and Vauxhall mechanics. When it works it’s a dream, shame the reliability is a nightmare.

Submitted: 2008-05-15 | ID: 38674

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Matin, Berkshire

Fiat Croma 1.8 Eleganza 2006

5 star review

Nicely built huge Fiat. Plenty of room inside, super comfortable and super quiet. Has proved 100% faultless to date - its a shame fiat saw the need to drop this model in the UK

Submitted: 2008-03-25 | ID: 38680

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Stephen Patterson, Staffordshire

Fiat Croma 1.9 JTD 120 2006

5 star review

Bought mine from main agent, paying 50% of list at 17 months old (5000miles). Feels very well built with superb attention under wheel arches etc. 60mpg if driven very gently on the motorway (1.9 JTD 120). Love it. Plenty of space and excellent stereo. Very comfortable but the GM chasis/suspension does lack Italian responsiveness.

Submitted: 2008-01-02 | ID: 38672

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Sammy Gus, England

Fiat Croma u.k. 2006

1 star review

Bought Croma 2.2 Petrol nothing but problems from door handle breaking outer and inner. rear tyres wearing due to tracking out FIAT re call code 5138. engine consuming burning oil Need new engine !!!! Sun roof fell apart. rear boot lock faulty. wiper motor jams Gear leaver jams its a pain I know and its ongoing with Fiat to sort out the problems

Submitted: 2007-12-12 | ID: 38671

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