2005 Primera reviews

28 November 2015


2005 Nissan Primera reviews

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Keith Kelly, West Yorkshire

Nissan Primera 2002 - 2006

5 star review

I bought an 04 Primera 1.8 SE Hatchback and ran it for 4 years and covered 75,000 miles before it was written off by two lunatics racing on a dual carriageway. Over the 4 year period of running the car other than servicing it every 8,000 miles and a set of boots (tyres) it cost me £0 and went through all of its MoT's without advisories. The car ran and drove excellently and without fault from day one to the day it was written off and never let me down once thus I have no gripes and nothing but praise for the vehicle which drives like a big car, has a safe feel to it and returned me 40+mpg. Thus flowing from the sad loss of what can only be described as a "great value for money" car I had to get another so I have now replaced it with a mint 06 Primera 1.8 SX Hatchback with the added Cruise, Sat Nav, bluetooth, etc, etc.

Submitted: 2015-02-07 | ID: 111076

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Titus, Kent

Nissan Primera 2005 - 2006

3 star review


Submitted: 2014-08-04 | ID: 100879

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Jeff Hosea, Surrey

Nissan Primera 2.2dci estate SVE 2005

1 star review

I bought this car nearly new (ex-demonstrator). I had many problems from day one - annoying rattles (loose dashboard) and squeaks (turned out the rear bumper mountings were loose due to threaded bolts, presumably at manufacture), automatic headlight aiming faults (so bad that approaching drivers were stopping), black smoke, poor mpg, weird electrical faults to do with the steering column cabling, EGR needed replacing The dealers in Guildford (Bishops) cannot be recommended; I have even been advised by them that it was ok to drive a diesel if you mistakenly put petrol in it. Then the turbo failed within the first year. It was replaced under warranty, but it failed again in 2011 and I had to pay through the nose for that one (£800 for a reconditioned turbo). About 2010 the engine started hunting on cold idle, then hunting on warm idle. Then it developed massive loss of power and hesitation problem, sometimes stopping dead, culminating in being a complete non-starter - needed a new suction control valve (£400). This car is not a genuine Nissan - it was built in Sunderland and half of it is Renault (it’s mostly these bits that fail). A pig of a car. Don’t buy Nissan in the UK - they’re not Japanese.

Submitted: 2012-06-28 | ID: 44260

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Gary Jackson, Yorkshire

Nissan Primera 1.8 S 2005

5 star review

I have done 40,000 miles in 12 months with this car. No problems whatsoever. Zero cost apart from petrol. Best most reliable car I have ever owned. Everyone I speak to about it says "well what do you expect it is a Nissan". Would defo buy Nissan again but I’m on no rush to change mine. <br /><br />

Submitted: 2012-02-27 | ID: 44258

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Manos Man, England

Nissan Primera 2005

2 star review

This car is the shame of the today’s automobile! Its behaviour in soft turns over 100km/h is a disaster and if you have a light side wind it can become really dangerous. In high speed, if the road is not perfect, its aerodynamic together with the soft suspension make your heart beat real fast. I have worked in car rental for years and driven almost every car and I can say only this: it’s the worst car in behaviour and not only in its category! Only Kia’s are worse and just then some of them. Car may be reliable and comfortable and but that’s not enough to make a car good.

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No idea what the previous reviewer is talking about. I have had a 95 model from new and it’s now pushing 70,000 miles. Never had any problems at all with it and it is stable at speed and in crosswinds. I have driven many other vehicles that do not handle anywhere near as well as the Primera - Andy Needs from Cardiff

I agree, I bought one out of Japan "used", doing about 18,000km. I drove the car to 70,000km with $0.00 in repairs, my only expense being the changing of engine and txm fluids. My average speed on the highway would be 160-180km/hr and the vehicle handled really well,and cornered really well. Maybe the driver that complained about the handling probably running on some crappy tyres. Other than that, his comments just don’t add up. My only problem with the unit is that I wished it had some more horses, maybe 225-250hp would have set me right - from Trinidad and Tobago

Submitted: 2008-08-14 | ID: 44263

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