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2005 Sprinter reviews

20 September 2017


2005 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter reviews

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John Easter, Oxfordshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

3 star review

Many things about Sprinters make them good vans. They do high miles with good powerful engines. But why oh why did Mercedes put the indicator on the tip of the wing mirror? It is so vulnerable there. The cynical side of me thinks it is to insure after sales. Our 07 Luton is part of a fleet, so it's driven by half a dozen regular drivers. The nearside mirror only needs to clip a bit of hedge and it's broken. Sometimes you can cannibalize old mirrors but usually the whole casing breaks. The old long arm mirrors were better but they did weaken over time and they got to the point where they couldn't be tightened up any more. This problem must have a solution. Please put the indicator back on the wing and rubberize the rim of the mirror so it stands half a chance of surviving an impact. Come on Mercedes, you can do better.

Submitted: 2017-06-12 | ID: 141870

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Nicholas, Shropshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

1 star review

Hi I own a 2005 Mercedes sprinter 311 cdi it won't run .after it slowly came to a Holt on the road with the EDG light lit up on the dash.a man came out with a laptop it's the hi pressure valve on the rail so I replaced it after bleeding the system the van ran for about one hour on the drive then stopped and would not start again.I range him again this time it's the low pressure sensor switch I replaced it but no joy.so I bought another low profile switch thinking I had a faulty one.still no joy he came back out with his laptop plugged it in would me there no faults.Buy now I'm almost five hundred pounds down . thinking it's a fuel problem still I tried bleeding it again and it started and stopped after about five seconds I eventually got it to run with one of the injectors slightly cracked off .I did this one by one with all of the injectors and it will run ..the light is still on the dash is it possible to have to much pressure and if so what would it be... please help iv bin out of work for a month now it's my work van ..THANKS FOR LOOKING... NICK...

Submitted: 2016-10-04 | ID: 135706

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Tom, West Midlands

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

5 star review

I am the proud owner of a mega mileage Mercedes-Benz Sprinter! This van has been serviced by my local main dealer since I purchased it used at 18 months old and has never ever let me down. Other than mileage related wear and tear, there are no issues to report. I'm a builder by trade and the van works really hard every day and takes all forms of punishment like regular maximum acceleration, hard braking and carrying lots of weight. The thing I love the most is the ride and the engine at motorway cruising speeds, both of which are smoother than Barry White so I can turn up to my next job as stress free as when I started! The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is quite simply the best van on the market, NO CONTEST!

Submitted: 2015-09-27 | ID: 121709

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Ken, Australia

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2000 - 2006

1 star review

Had enough of Benz's diognostics. Fitting 3.8 Holden v6 auto. Anyone done this as advice would be great? Need a van to drive anywhere and stress about it

Submitted: 2015-04-09 | ID: 114481

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Roberto Stansbury, Yorkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MWB 2005

4 star review

I bought my Sprinter MWB van with 100,000 miles on, two years ago. It has been a dream, serviced twice a year, not a thing bad to say mechanically about it. Would not hesitate in buying another. The body work as a few rust spots here and there, which is not good for a 55plate van. In my opinion the best van on the road.

Submitted: 2010-07-13 | ID: 43148

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Peter James, Lanarkshire

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2005

4 star review

The van is ok but if you have the box van it’s not good! I mean for (1. I have a turbo problem (2. It’s limited to 80mph not like its going to go that fast. Make sure you get the twin wheel sprinter P reg to 01 plate, far better vans. Could anyone tell me why my turbo isn’t working? Please get back to me.

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I run a Sprinter 311cdi and also had a turbo problem. Usually the turbo is ok, but the problem occurs if you lose pressure in the ’blown’ section. This can be caused by loose pipes or a cracked intercooler matrix or split rubber tubes. I hope this helps - Roger Abrahams from Norfolk

I have a 2000 lwb 311cdi had turbo problems there is a electrical vac valve under the air filter costs about £80.00 from Merc, need to remove grill and light to change fix problem straight away. Prior to this engine would only rev to 3000rpm with no faults or lights showing up on scan, as this is a mechanical fault there will be no codes shown up - Arvi Singh from England

Hi, I have a Luton 311 CDI and I had problems with lack of power, I changed the boost pressure valve under the airfilter box and it is now back to full power, I hope this helps - Andrew Roberts from Leicestershire

Submitted: 2010-01-21 | ID: 43095

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