2004 Avensis Tourer reviews

20 September 2017


2004 Toyota Avensis Tourer reviews

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Noel Schmitt, Yorkshire

Toyota Avensis Tourer 1.8 T3S 2004

5 star review

My 2004 1.8 T3S Toyota Avensis Tourer has now reached 106,000 miles and I still haven’t had a single problem. It passes its MOTs with flying colours every year. I decided a year ago to buy an Avensis 1.8 T3X for myself to go to work. It has 60000 miles on the clock and it runs beautifully. I don’t care what car manufacturers produce, I will stick to my two Avensis until they die. These cars offer me safety, comfort, reliability and stressfree motoring and they are dead cheap to run as I haven’t paid anything at all in repairs for the past 8 years. What more do I need? I am not surprised that the Avensis is popular with taxi drivers but remember not to buy a diesel as they will have more problems and the repair bills are horrendous. This is not a problem with the Avensis in particular, but with any diesel cars in general. Well done Toyota for producing such an amazing car and I will keep you posted when I have a problem. Let’s see what these cars are really made of!

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Hello. I read your report on the Avensis with interest. I bought a 53 plate (January 2004) 1.8 petrol tourer in January 2013 just before moving over to live in France. It had 72,000 miles on then, has 117,000 now. Swapped over the headlights and passed the French MOT before registering it here with French plates. I’ve owned all kinds of expensive German cars in the past and none have been as reliable as this. It does 42 mpg on the smooth empty roads over here and has only recently needed rear discs and pads..I have all service records from new when it was first registered in Scotland and I know the discs were original. Thankfully no sign of needing a clutch or exhaust system as yet. Just wondered how yours was doing. best regards, David - David Parker from France

Submitted: 2013-02-10 | ID: 47755

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Noel Schmitt, Yorkshire

Toyota Avensis Tourer 1.8 2004

5 star review

To start with, I want to make it clear that I don’t work for Toyota. I am actually a teacher! Being French I bought Peugeot and Renault. My patriotism cost me a fortune as I spent most of my money having my Clio or the two 307’s repaired. I was advised to buy Japanese cars, which was for me inconceivable. I gave it a try and I bought a Honda civic (52 reg) for work and a 1.8 Toyota avensis estate (04 reg) with 13000 miles on the clock as I was starting a family. The garages have hardly seen me since then. I found that Toyota cars were better value for money than Honda cars, so I changed my Civic for an X reg Avensis (1.8 engine). I did 100000 miles with the old banger. Problems? None. I still have the Avensis estate. It has now clocked 94000. Problems? None. I just can’t kill it!!! It is used for everyday commute and we overload it with our camping stuff to go and see my family in France, Germany and Austria on a regular basis. I have even taken it into the Alps at 2800 meters altitude and it has never ever let us down! Inbetween I had a Yaris 1.4 D4d, an Auris 2.2 D-Cat and I have now an Auris 1.4 VVti, but I’ve kept my Avensis estate. Here are a few things to consider when you buy a Toyota (it is based on my experience and on the advice of professionals). Fact 1: Don’t buy a diesel. Petrol cars are simpler, therefore you will have less problems. Fact 2: The 1.8 VVTi petrol engine is the best. It’s neither too weak nor too powerful. Fact 3: Don’t buy a car because it’s a Toyota as some are awful to drive and unreliable, but here are a few tips: IQ: it’s for 2 people (3 at most), great fun to drive, but good luck if you are in a crash. Aygo: don’t buy it!!!!! You will have huge problems after 20000 miles. They come with big clutch problems. Yaris: Dull, reliable but expensive. I got 67 mpg with my 1.4D4D but I could’nt face the car anymore. The 1.0 petrol is the most awful car I ever tried. Auris: big enough and comfortable. It’s a revamped corolla. I went for the 2.2 D-CAT and also I loved the car, I got rid of it after 10 days because the torque pulls the car towards the right like mad. Avensis: I can’t praise the car enough. It not a BMW but value for money is second to none. I wouldn’t go for the diesel, but that’s just me.

Submitted: 2012-02-24 | ID: 47754

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Neil Rayner, Worcestershire

Toyota Avensis Tourer Tourer D-4D 2004

2 star review

Bought at 85,000 miles and dual mass flywheel/clutch completely shot. Cost of repair £1,500 - fortunately not borne by me. Further research shows that this is a common problem with the D-4D cars that Toyota is nbot prepared to recognise - shame on them. I had a 1988 Toyota Carina II for 10 years from 1991 to 2001. By the time I had got rid of it, at 200,000 miles plus, nothing major whatsoever had gone wrong with it. I had a 1997 Carina E Estate from 2001 to 2008 - again a high mileage at disposal - over 170,000 and nothing major had ever gone wrong with it. It is simply not good enough for a modern car to suffer this type of breakdown at such a relatively low mileage. Toyota's stock has gone way down with me. These cars should be good for 250,000 miles without expensive major components failing like this.

Submitted: 2008-04-09 | ID: 47757

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Barry Henry, Leicestershire

Toyota Avensis Tourer 2.0 D-4D T3S 5dr 2004

4 star review

Excellent estate car. I bought my 54 plate Avensis Tourer 2 months ago and I’m very happy with it indeed. A very solid and safe car with excellent handling and very good fuel usage. As second hand cars go, if you can find one with reasonable mileage they are a very reliable car to go for.

Submitted: 2007-11-27 | ID: 47756

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