2003 Hilux reviews

27 May 2015


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2003 Toyota Hilux reviews

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M Lewis, Middlesex

Toyota Hilux VX 270 2003

5 star review

This is the second I’ve owned, the first being a non turbo 2.8lt SSRX Japanese import which was totally reliable. The 2.5 D4D has much better performance over my old one and has been as relable as my previous one. I tow a caravan (For holidays might I add) and the VX 270 is much better than the old one. Only one thing I will say, is that I have just come back from a holiday in Spain and on my trip to Galicia on the north west coast above Portugal, the hills are fairly long and steep on the motorways. As I was packed to the brim plus child and wife, I had to put the foot to the floor in 3rd gear to get up quite a few of them. After a couple of hours, I thought I had blown up the turbo when all power died and I could hardly get up the hill. I managed to pull off the motorway and after about half an hour, the green engine light that had come on, went back off. I later find out after phoning my mechanic back in the UK, that the engine had gone into a get you home mode. It worked perfectly after that, but I was not so heavy footed after that. Having had 2 Hilux’s, it goes without saying that I would recommend without hesitation. I am going to buy another double next year. I am considering the Nissan Nevara and will test drive one, but will also look for a 3.0 D4D Auto.

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Would you recommend this for carrying hay to horses in Essex and towing a horse box plus three children - Hayley Elgood from London

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