2001 Hiace reviews

24 July 2014


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2001 Toyota Hiace reviews

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Frobisher Mudenda, Zambia

Toyota Hiace 1997 - 2006

1 star review

My 1999 4WD Toyota Hiace Van had oil transmission leaks from the breather on two occasions after driving for about 10Km on each occassion. There were no noticeable changes in the transmission oil level when checked using the dip stick. Could there be a problem in the gear box?

Submitted: 2014-05-14 | ID: 95525

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Keith MARSLAND , Hertfordshire

Toyota Hiace 1997 - 2006

5 star review

Bought my 2002 88bhp gs 7 yrs ago at 104,000 miles. Not one breakdown, misfire or weird problems. Did start to lose water very slowly and when I had cambelt done at 138,000 miles, garage said water pump had very slight leak. New waterpump, diff and gearbox oil change. Had shock absorbers and twin batteries changet last year. Now 150,000 miles with new discs and pads and still on original clutch even though I commute to north London. So easy to drive and pull away. Does 30 mpg or 400 miles to tank in London or 40 mpg/500 miles to south of France. I would rather pay bit more on fuel than heaps of trouble of other makes.

Submitted: 2014-04-13 | ID: 94155

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Caroline Franklin, Sussex

Toyota Hiace Power Van Diesel 2001

4 star review

Bought this van with 62,000mls on the clock. Was alarmed when driving it home to see the fuel gauge getting lower and lower. Had Mitsubishi panel van before and that was really ecomomical. Don’t know why all vans don’t have the tail gate, less space needed to open the back and when it rains it also shelters you. Perfect size just what I wanted. Like the height as it means I can load and unload the van by myself as I can just slide out and grab from underneath with out having to bend. (I’m a petite lady) Has always started no problems except when glow plugs needed changing. Love this van but would like it better if the fuel consumption was better, though it has taught me to moderate my driving. I have been putting 48psi in the front tyres and 65 in the back, loaded and unloaded. Can anyone make any sugestions as to why it is so juicy? To answer a question earlier, yes, you can put 8x4 sheet in the back.

Submitted: 2013-09-30 | ID: 48162

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Chris Peters, England

Toyota Hiace SWB Powervan 2001

3 star review

We’ve only had our Powervan for about a year and it was bought cheapish, due to it’s high mileage (200,000miles!). We only intended to use it as a basic runabout and "camping vehicle", so the mileage didn’t really bother us. However, it has recently developed a whine/howl from the rear diff area. Our "tame mechanic" has taken a look and he’s of the opinion that it wouldn’t male economic sense to fix it(..not even if I sourced a second-hand diff!?). I’m a bit surprised at this, after hearing of all the high mileages talked about and the glowing reports these vehicles get (maybe "our" mechanic is just giving us the brush off?). Thoughts?

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Hi there, I also own a year 2000 Hiace and got a winding noise from the diff, but it was sorted by buying a new rubber bushing for it. Try another mechanic! - Chris Monaghan from County Down

Hi. I bought my Hiace with a slight whine and took it to a mechanic - he said I needed a new diff! I was sure that it weren’t the diff and it turned out to be the drive shaft center bearing: Toyota £176 or eBay part £79. My diff mount rubber was also shot, £20 eBay. Pressed the old 1 out and pressed new 1 in; mechanic charged me £10. I changed the diff oil too with Castrol oil. Go to Castrol website put in your reg and it will tell you all the ratio oils for your van. I’m going to change gearbox oil just for peace of mind - from England

Submitted: 2013-09-11 | ID: 48159

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John Carter, England

Toyota Hiace Powervan 2001

1 star review

Had this van for 9 months with 79,000 on clock, genuine purchase from disabled person so its biggest load was previously a wheelchair. It’s carpeted throughout and has always been serviced. It’s slow, noisy has very laboured gears and has just broken down and won’t start. I’ve done some tests and think it’s major. Had a Nissan Urvan for 22 years and it never let me down, wish they still sold them.

Submitted: 2013-06-09 | ID: 48143

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John Loveday, England

Toyota Hiace lwb power van 2001

5 star review

Had it from new, now 158,000 miles, passed every mot and has cost me only tyres brake pads. Serviced reg, what a great van! About to get a new one, I hope it’s as good as the last.<br /><br />

Responses to this review

Hi, Just wondered if you got the new van? Did you sell the old one? If not, I may be interested. Please call me - 07766 171213. Cheers - Stewart Holt from Cheshire

Submitted: 2011-02-27 | ID: 48093

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Lindsay, England

Toyota Hiace petrol 2.7litre 2001

5 star review

The Toyota Hiace is a great van. In 8 years of ownership no repairs other than normal maintenance have been needed. The only thing it falls down on is the front suspension ball joints which seem to wear very quickly. However, some MOT inspectors will fail on this and some will not because the weight of the van takes up the play.

Responses to this review

Your and other people’s enthusiasm has convinced me to go for a Hiace. I have found a petrol 2.7 2000 but I cannot find info re cambelt change (frequency and cost) or fuel consumption. Also mileage expectancy - do the petrol engines generally go for over 200,000 miles? If you can answer any of these questions I would be very grateful. Thanks - Adrian Fielding from Cornwall

Submitted: 2009-06-25 | ID: 48169

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Jeff van Bueren, Renfrewshire

Toyota Hiace 2.4 diesel 2001

5 star review

Had this van new from 2001. Very reliable van, no problems at all. Made much better than Fords,Vauxhall etc... Engine inside this van is made to last, same engine as used in the Hilux pick up truck they tried to destroy in Top Gear but couldn’t. Also this van is massive in Africa and Asia as it just keeps on going. Buy a Hiace if you want a super workhorse.

Submitted: 2009-04-27 | ID: 48171

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