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2001 Scenic reviews

21 September 2017


2001 Renault Scenic reviews

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Malcolm Potts, Cheshire

Renault Scenic 1.9 tdi 2001

1 star review

Worst car I have owned due to abysmal reliability.

Submitted: 2011-07-07 | ID: 46449

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David Douglas, Nottinghamshire

Renault Scenic dynamique+ 2001

2 star review

Never will I buy another Renault they are just c**p! Had mine one month and head gasket went. Two years later and I buy another, foolish me and guess what? Within a month of ownership head gasket goes again, so what’s the chance of the same fault on two cars? Quite good with Renault! Also, considering it’s an mpv the build quality is rubbish, chairs ripping, plastic bits breaking, just rubbish. Also, the mpg figures are nothing like the figures you get from the manufacturer. I alway had Nissan before, never had any trouble with them, even had a mk1 Fiesta for 9 years, never went wrong. A very Disgruntled Driver.

Submitted: 2010-11-28 | ID: 46472

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Karl Pearce, Wrexham

Renault Scenic Expression 2001

5 star review

Had a scenic 1.6 expression 2001, what a nice family car, all was well but then the driver’s side window packed up. People do say about these electrical problems and the cost they bring to the Renault owners but they seem to be going to Renault main dealers to get repaired. We had a lot of problems with our 1.6 petrol engine with the coil packs blowing and Renault quoted £140 per pack to be repaired, I got each coil pack for about 8 quid on ebay and fitted them myself. I think people have problems with these cars and feel the need to express their anger so put feeds on sites like this but the reality is that the happy drivers are too busy driving their family around on days out to spend time typeing and complaining!!! We are getting an 04 1.9 dci tomorow, no coil packs!!! Maybe I will be made to eat my words?? I would never take any car to a main dealer, buy a Haynes manual and have a crack yourself, if electrical probs go to a local auto electrician.

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Hi, I have been told to scrap my Renault Scenic Grand 2005. After being serviced I had an oil leak, now the engine needs replacing. Please give info on how you went about selling parts; I have 4 new tyres etc., many thanks email julieayanna@yahoo.com - Julie Walsh-Cowie from England

Submitted: 2010-06-05 | ID: 46437

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Eileen Breeze, Sussex

Renault Scenic 2.0 Dynamique petrol 2001

3 star review

Great car! I have an Auto Scenic 2.0 Dynamique petrol which is average of 30mpg. Great car have had 2 in 5 years but prefer the old shape. There is a drive shaft problem with the autos - it pulls to the right when I accelerate, anyone else have this issue? Lots of space for 3 kids and the dog! The auto gearbox can be a bit juddery when accelerating up hill, but great on flat. I have 2 sun roofs which work well and all over vision means I do not miss anyone on the road. Secret compartments in passenger seats great for the kids junk. I have driven through France last year with great ease. Seats are so comfortable that after 3 hours driving I did not ache when getting out like lower model cars. Excellent safety features with air bags in crucial sites, making me feel safe when travelling with the whole family in tow. Air con works efficiently and clears the screen in seconds on cold days. Mine has only done 53K so am waiting for the services to be expensive. One issue is when the coils went all four had to be replaced and not just a pair which happened in my old Y reg one. A good all round family car with enough storage and comfort and extras for any family whatever their ages. Might switch to a diesel for economics looking at other reports for this car.

Submitted: 2008-10-29 | ID: 46577

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