1998 Hiace reviews

24 July 2014


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1998 Toyota Hiace reviews

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Frobisher Mudenda, Zambia

Toyota Hiace 1997 - 2006

1 star review

My 1999 4WD Toyota Hiace Van had oil transmission leaks from the breather on two occasions after driving for about 10Km on each occassion. There were no noticeable changes in the transmission oil level when checked using the dip stick. Could there be a problem in the gear box?

Submitted: 2014-05-14 | ID: 95525

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Keith MARSLAND , Hertfordshire

Toyota Hiace 1997 - 2006

5 star review

Bought my 2002 88bhp gs 7 yrs ago at 104,000 miles. Not one breakdown, misfire or weird problems. Did start to lose water very slowly and when I had cambelt done at 138,000 miles, garage said water pump had very slight leak. New waterpump, diff and gearbox oil change. Had shock absorbers and twin batteries changet last year. Now 150,000 miles with new discs and pads and still on original clutch even though I commute to north London. So easy to drive and pull away. Does 30 mpg or 400 miles to tank in London or 40 mpg/500 miles to south of France. I would rather pay bit more on fuel than heaps of trouble of other makes.

Submitted: 2014-04-13 | ID: 94155

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Trevor Brandon, London

Toyota Hiace Gs LWB 1998

5 star review

Purchased my van about 10 years ago. Quite simply the best vehicle I have owned. Only problem being faulty rear internal light bulb (90p) Halfords. 100% reliable now done 122,000 miles. Not the fastest or the biggest, but most certainly the best. Just buy!

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Will Trevor get this review? If so which engine is in your van? I am looking at a 2.7 petrol engined 2000 vehicle and cannot find info about mpg. Any guidance gratefully received - Adrian Fielding from Cornwall

Submitted: 2012-10-29 | ID: 48136

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Dave Benyon, Cornwall

Toyota Hiace diesel automatic 1998

1 star review

I’m writing about a mates experiences with SurfAce, TownAce and HiAce day-vans (or picnic wagons as I call them) VERY BAD although the vehicles were all about ten years old. The automatic gearboxes gave a lot of trouble refusing to change up into top gear until they were hot (old fluid and clogged filters?) Head gaskets blew as the vehicles were apt to boil on steep hills. After one repair the mechanic (not me!) made the gaffe of fitting a new oil filter without noticing that the old rubber ring was still stuck to the block. It was a pitch black night, no moon, no stars and no street lamps where the Ace spewed out its oil. I was called out to tow the beastie back but I don’t think this helped the transmission which was pretty knackered anyway. (Not many transmissions have a second hydraulic pump on the output shaft these days but the old Borg-Warner 35s from the 1960s could be towed OK) On that night all our torches mobile phones and cigarette lighters chose to fail and as those Toyotas are hard enough to work on in daylight over a pit, fixing it in the dark, cold and filth wasn’t really possible. The van survived for a few more months but rolled-over on a bend when the driver over-corrected after nodding off. According to the AA man these Aces are top of his list for roll-over incidents as the track width is so narrow compared to the height. (Japan taxes vehicles on width). There are also no Haynes manuals for these vehicles. Hopefully newer models are better but my impressions of Japanese machinery are that spares are extremely costly and back-up is difficult to obtain.

Submitted: 2011-01-31 | ID: 48101

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