1996 Transit reviews

09 October 2015


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1996 Ford Transit reviews

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adrian martin, Wiltshire

Ford Transit 1994 - 2000

5 star review

i ,d like to 100% recommend the ford transit pre 2000 models, they are totally trliable and as long as you keep on top of the rust, will last a life time, I have a 1997 swb120, and before this had the 80, I bought mine , ex -bt with 56k on the clock, it now has 120k on the clock, had it for 7 years, what can I say....tyres/exhaust/tyres/exhaust etc..etc.. this has to be the best van ever made, what a shame ford could not make these again on a ltd run, as they would sell out in minutes.... my advise, find a good one with low mileage and good body, I paid 2.6k for mine seven years ago, and shes good for another 7 years!

Submitted: 2014-12-28 | ID: 108528

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A Beckett, Shropshire

Ford Transit 1996

5 star review

Mk 5 ’smiley’ is a great van. Totally reliable (to be fair it’s only done 65000 miles). Drives really well, the only problem has been some rust, which was my fault for not fixing a hole that appeared right away. Apart from that it’s awesome and we will be keeping it as long as we can. If you’re going to buy a transit, make sure it’s a pre 2000.

Submitted: 2013-12-04 | ID: 40748

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Charlie McWilliam, Northumberland

Ford Transit LWB 1996

5 star review

Hi. I’ve had a few of these vans over the years (Smileys with banana engine) Ford Transit aficionados will know them. They are the best! So much so that I have searched the internet for another with a good body (the only let down) and found one. I bought one of these years ago from a local guy who was wanting quite a bit for his van considering it was a bit rough and no oil showing on dipstick. Topped it up and got a years service with only the clutch pedal ratchet failing (a £ 30.00 fix) sold it and got what I paid for it. Then saw it two years later still going strong! So looking forward to my new one, which I will apply a million coats of Waxoil to. Happy motoring!

Submitted: 2013-07-08 | ID: 40735

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Ron Anderson, Yorkshire

Ford Transit 130l 1996

5 star review

I had a mark 3 good bus, had it for 3 years, repair costs nil just basic servicing. I had a mark 4 good bus, had it for 3 years repair costs nil just basic servicing, very, very good plus one starter motor. I had a mark 5 good bus, had it for 5 years repair costs nil just basic servicing plus one battery, very, very good. I had a mark 6 bus, had it for 3 weeks biggest load of total c**p I have ever had! It overheated, rattled, rusted, wouldn’t start wouldn’t stop unless I stalled it, leaked all over, was always full of water, engine was the noisiest I have ever heard sounded like a tank! I apologise to a tank because the engine was worse than that, the police pulled me one night because the engine was so noisy! Ford said that is was natural for mk6 to be that noisy so I have swapped my mk6 piece of rust for another mk5 8 months ago and back to silence and no repair bills. Looking forward to driving this for the next 20 or so years. PS: I would never dream of buying another Ford from about the year 2000 onwards.

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I’ve owned a Ford Transit 190lwb for just under seven years now. My mechanic says they’re the best and all the RAC say they are and with reading the reviews what everybody says about the new Transits. I would never get one of them. Smiley’s are the best. The banana engine is very easy to work on and any mechanic can fix one, piece of cake. The part’s are cheap and even though they rust like hell it’s well worth spending your money getting them through their MOTs and just hanging on to them because Ford actually got it right when they made these beasts and you have got a GENUINE, SOLID, RELIABLE workhorse. I couldn’t agree with you more Ron on these beasts - Michael Todd from Cheshire

Smiley Transit all the way. They’re the best van Ford ever made. I’ve had a mk6 and the new mk7, what a load of crap they were spent most the time in the garage so I’ve gone back and found myself a nice mk5 with 114thou on it so it’s barely run in for a smiley. I’m fitting all new arches having a full pro paint job and intend to do it all again if I have to, will probably outlast me! Keep those smileys trucking I say tell Boris and his crew to go and do one - Jon Green from England

Submitted: 2011-02-23 | ID: 40634

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Peter Miles, London

Ford Transit SWB 70PS 1996

5 star review

Over 240,000 reliable town and country miles! Still going strong on original mechanicals except one clutch and one set of injectors! Wheel arches are showing signs of rust (bummer). Never mind, should have undersealed them when new. Forget all your super fast engines, they all go at the same speed in traffic!

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That’s so true man. Ford Transit mk4 simply one of the best! - James O’Mahoney from London

Submitted: 2009-05-07 | ID: 40783

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Pete Angell, Berkshire

Ford Transit LWB HIGH TOP 1996

4 star review

Very reliable has 166,000 on the clock have been running on 90% bio fuel, renewed cam belt, and brakes all round, looking a bit tatty now. Love the driving position, very difficult to stall unlike the modern ones, loads of room in the back and will take a two tonne trailer and everyone who has borrowed it has enjoyed the experience of driving it. Easy to do your own servicing unlike modern anything nowadays. Only paid a grand for her four year ago so all round value for money, I prefer to drive the van over the car any day - cannot imagine life without it.

Submitted: 2008-08-01 | ID: 40756

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