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1992 Transporter reviews

21 September 2017


1992 Volkswagen Transporter reviews

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John, Hampshire

Volkswagen Transporter swb 2.0 petrol 1992

5 star review

Awesome vehicle, 170,000 on the clock had it since Jan 2010 have put 20,000 on clock myself, brilliant no probs. 22 mpg local approx 31-33 mpg on long hauls, highly recommend. Had loads of vans in my time, this beats the lot. (Not keen on the t5, ugly looking beast)

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Bought my Transporter campervan (1992) in 2000 and set off. Still on the road out of the UK. Got it exported and plated in Spain. Had 40000 on the clock when I bought it, now has 170000. Best I have ever had even after Jags and BMW´s etc when I was in business. I agree with comments on the T5 - from Spain

Submitted: 2010-10-07 | ID: 51284

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