1990 Hiace reviews

20 August 2014


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1990 Toyota Hiace reviews

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simon, Cornwall

Toyota Hiace 1983 - 2006

4 star review

Had my 1996 hi ace for 7 yrs it only let me down once when the battery failed easy fix! it never failed an MOT and i didn't have to touch it, it never ever went wrong, i didn't even have to change exhaust/brake pads/shoes in 7yrs!!!!just servicing , without doubt the toughest most reliable vehicle i have ever owned, even ran sweet on neat cooking oil (when i could get it) alas its achilles heal was its thirst for juice and eventually i let it go for a fiat scudo which is superb on fuel but nowhere near as well built, if i could afford a much newer one i,d definitely have another.

Submitted: 2014-07-24 | ID: 100310

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Dave E, England

Toyota Hiace lwb 1990

5 star review

I’ve had a Hiace van for 16 years. So far still going stong, the best van I’ve had, just wish Toyota would import the new Hiace to the UK.

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Hi, are you selling your Toyota Hiace? - Saqib A from Yorkshire

Hi, I have an ’89 diesel Hiace for sale - one owner, 86k miles. Call 0780 298 9137 - Imran Haq from Lancashire

Submitted: 2011-03-17 | ID: 48079

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