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What Car?

With literally thousands of independent car reviews, What Car? has made a successful transition from motoring magazine to website. Rather than targeting motoring enthusiasts, What Car? concentrates on consumers with honest analysis and buyers' guides.

The What Car? website splits its reviews into sub-sections based on the type of car you wish to research. There are sections focusing on super-minis, family cars, small family cars, compact and general execs, luxury cars, MPVs, estates, coupes, 4x4s, performance cars and cabriolets. By clicking on the links at the What Car? website, users can check out all the reviews of both new and used cars that fit into that category or alternatively they can just check out the brief synopsis that includes a 'best buy' in each section.

As part of What Car?'s consumer friendly service, there are reader reviews of vehicles regularly posted on the website. This allows buyers to gain an honest perspective on what they can expect from a car they're interested in based on the opinions of real users.

Indeed help and advice is very much at the forefront of What Car? and there are dozens of guides on subjects on everything from saving money on car insurance to part-exchange, to the options available when selling a car. There is also a glossary of terms and sections devoted to both company car tax and green issues.

Also to be found at the What Car? website are the latest deals to hit the market, that could offer potentially large savings. There is also a valuations section so if you're searching for a used car you can get a rough idea of the sort of price you should be paying. In addition, there is a What Car? shop featuring suppliers the website has contact with for everything from car insurance to personalised number plates.

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