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As one of the most well-known names in the motoring industry, Parker's, which started life as a car price guide in 1972, continues to thrive on the internet with its website that features independent reviews on thousands of models.

The original Parker's price guide hit newsstands in April 1972 with a price of just 25p and the following year featured its first ever full-colour front page. In 1999, Parker's launched its website and by 2006 could claim to have more than a million unique users during the course of the year.

During its expansion Parker's has become much more than just a printed price guide and now includes reviews, new cars for sales, along with information on vans and motorbikes. However, the accuracy of its pricing remains its strongest asset and according to the Parker's website, its experts collect data from dealers, private sales and auctions to gain a definitive idea of the true selling price of vehicles. This can offer invaluable information if you are looking to sell a car of your own as you will have a clear perspective of the 'going rate'. It's also useful for buyers too who want to know if they are paying over the odds or a fair price for the vehicle they are interested in.

As part of its expansion of services, Parker's also offers a number of useful guides such as car check lists so you know exactly what to look for when you are a buying a used car, along with how depreciation will affect its price in the long term. Parker's also carries a motoring shop and a motoring forum where you can share concerns and experiences with other users.

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